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San Juan Sailing Cruises

 With the summer underway one of the more enjoyable things to do in the San Juan Islands is sailing. Don’t own a boat? Step back in time with cruises on board Spike Africa Read More…

Sushi On Top

  Could there be a better place for a Sushi Restaurant then in the San Juan Islands? Fresh fish, beautiful nautical surroundings and the time to enjoy it.  Read More…

Farmers Market

 The San Juan Islands are know for their fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, and local lamb as well as a strong locavore culture. Fortunately for you as a visitor, it is easy to sample the Islands fruits.. Read More…

Top 10 Adventure Destinations

Anyone who has visited the San Juan Islands knows why these beautiful islands pop up again and again in “top 10″ lists and “places to visit before you die” lists. Read the about latest list the San Juan Island is showcased on Read More…

Getting to the San Juan Island just got easier

Kenmore Air, offer daily flights to Friday Harbor, Roche harbor, Orcas Island and Lopez Island in San Juan Islands, from various locations in Seattle, and probably are not as expensive as you think. Read More…

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Keep up to date with the news and events from the Island. The blogs contain info on latest deals, what new with town and information about the island that will keep you occupied for 10 vacations! Take a look at some of the restuarants we showcase, or read about one of the many activities available in the San Juan Islands


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Sanjuanisland.com - Ferry Schedule Find out the comings and goings of the San Juan Island Ferries. For current Fall 2013 schedule click here.

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Now is the ideal time to discover the San Juan Islands!

Escape the mainland and enjoy all the things you love to do, at your own pace: biking, hiking, kayaking, golfing, or shopping. Tour the island’s vast interior, go horseback riding, or get a relaxing massage and have a sunset dinner overlooking the sound. It’s all waiting for you here, and now, in the San Juan Islands. Just 90 miles north of Seattle, Discover the Picture Perfect San Juan Islands today.


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Maya’s Westside Whale Watch Charters


Every year, more and more humpback whales are coming into our waters, the waters of our Salish Sea. 


Historically, like Alaska, there used to be hundreds of humpbacks in the waters of Puget Sound and what is now called the Salish Sea. That was before the Canadian and US whaling fleets killed them all, by the late 1950s and early 1960s. 


The Salish Sea includes Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca, the Strait of Georgia, and the waters of the San Juan Islands. 


On a personal note, when I started my whale watching business in 1996, we seldom would see humpbacks. We would see perhaps one every other year. Starting about eight years ago we started seeing more and more humpbacks every year. This last summer I would venture that more than 40 humpbacks were seen in the waters off of Victoria, BC,  and San Juan Islands. There were several days when more than 20 humpbacks were being seen…in a single day!


Our humpbacks, mostly females and calves, have returned to our waters to feed on the herring.  We seldom see males. Unlike Orcas, who spend their lives in family groups led by older females, humpbacks live solitary lives except for the year that calves live with their mothers. When we see several humpbacks together, they are in that area because of the herring, their food, not because of a family reunion, or for mating. Mating and birthing take place in Hawaii for our humpbacks. We seldom see humpbacks in our local waters in the winter. They travel to Hawaii to mate and calve, an incredible journey across the Pacific of 2600 miles.


As a side note, the humpbacks off of California, whose numbers are also increasing, travel to Mexico and Central America.


Next summer, in addition to our orcas, we’ll be seeing the return of our humpbacks as well. Massive mammals, ranging up to 52 feet and 79,000 pounds, they bring a welcomed diversity and awe to our amazing waters…



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