Get away to the San Juan Islands this Fall

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October is harvest time in the San Juan Islands and that makes it a very special month for locals and visitors. To celebrate the season there are many happenings to choose from.
Savor the San Juans is a medley of food, art and culture. Our favorite activity is the special showcase of the Island’s best resturaunts coupled with local produce and a special price for all to enjoy.
This Friday night, October 12th, Coho resturant’s chef Bill Messick will create an atumnal  menu to pair with local winemaker Chris Primus’ evening wine selections.  This six course  meal will include plates such as pan seared scallops with braised pork belly and napa  cabbage, grilled ribeye, potatoe rosti and broccolini, finished with an apple and cheddar  pie.
October 26th Coho will feature an Italian dinner PNW style. Chef Bill Messick has created  a specific menu to pair with Italian varietal wines from Washington state that are true to the  original grape from Italy, but also unique to Washington. These wines have been hand  picked by trusted Sommelier Jonathan Sindleman. The fabulous six course menu includes  delights such as, pan seared venison tenderloin with roasted fingerling potatoes, and Painted  Hills braised oxtails, with white bean & butternut squash angnolott.
Make a night of it and attend either of these two meals and recieve a queen jacuzzi suite at the Tucker House Inn for only $99.

Who Wants to Fly to the San Juan Islands for $69?

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Yes! But which one?

That is the question posed by Kenmore Air in the Seattle Times today. “We rarely discount our plane tickets, but we thought this would be a great way to reward our customers,”  says Todd Banks, CEO of Kenmore Air.

So if you want to see a $69 flight to one of the San Juan Islands get voting today on the Kenmore Air Facebook Page

Kenmore Air, you may be surprised to know, has been servicing the San Juan Islands for more the 20 years. Currently, Kenmore Air, offer daily flights to Friday Harbor, Roche harbor, Orcas Island and Lopez Island in San Juan Islands, from various locations in Seattle.

For more information take a look at the original Seattle Times Post.

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It’s Heating Up For The Island Inn At 123 West

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Stop and smell the ocean at Friday Harbor’s newest choice for accomodation, The Island Inn at 123 west. This stylish new Inn is just steps from the ferry dock and is self described as “a contemporary style that nods to maritime gone by.” Built on the former site of a fuel and oil storage facility the Inn now has silver leed certification and boasts an eco ethos everywhere you look. Style and green technology are not the only amenities offered at the Island Inn. You also recieve unmatched comfort and perfect service. In less than a year the Inn has been awarded best luxury hotel in the NorthWest as well as a certificate of excellence.

The Island Inn offers three distinct types of room choices penthouses, sweets, or euros:

The seven penthouses range in size from 920 to 1475 square feet. They are great for families, groups, or those who are looking to splurge. They feature gourmet kitchens, remote controlled fireplaces, steam showers, and amazing bedding and some even offer rooftop decks to soak up the sun.

The five sweets range in size from 350 to 495 square feet and find that sweet spot right in between. Brand new for the 2012 season the sweets have the same great styling and bedding as the penthouses and also feature solo soaking tubs.

The four euros range in size from 195 t0 300 square feet and offer a basic luxury that is perfect for solo or duo savers. All euros feature flat screen tv’s, fun washrooms, and that great trademark bedding.

For a better tour of the hotel, take a look at the new images of the euros and suites on the 123 West Gold Member Page.

However you choose to arrive to San Juan Island ferry, boat or plane just make sure your destination is The Island Inn at 123 west and get ready to ready…set…slow.

Wedding Location in the San Juan Islands – The Island Inn at 123 West

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A wedding in the San Juan Islands can only be topped by one thing. Having the wedding at The Island Inn at 123 West. As a wedding location it is without equal, as this great video by the guys over at FRANK  shows.

For more information about having your wedding at the Island Inn, check out or call 877-512-9262 to learn more about the inn, and the wedding facilities.

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Facebook Competition Winner

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We have a winner for our Facebook competition. Thank you to all our new Facebook fans. Don’t forget to spread the word about this page and all the great business’s that are located on the San Juan Islands. We will be running another competition very shortly so keep up to date with everything on our Facebook page and right here on our blog.

And the winner is…..

Theresa Dorsey Mathews

Thank you Theresa and the Gift Card for the Cask and Schooner will be available there to pick up and use any time!


Kayaking San Juan Island – Top 10 Adventure Destination

Anyone who has visited the San Juan Islands knows why these beautiful islands pop up again and again in “top 10” lists and “places to visit before you die” lists. But the part about this that always fascinates me is the versatility of the San Juan Islands! They show up on all different types of lists. Boating lists, fishing lists, best places to get married lists, food and drink lists, and most recently: “10 greatest U.S. adventure vacations”

Among the contenders for the list are: Llama Trekking the Hoover Wilderness Area, Climbing Denali, and Adventure Sailing Florida’s Gulf Coast. The San Juan Islands mention? Kayaking the San Juan Islands.

That being said we couldn’t help but point you in the direction of, who we consider, the best kayaking guides in the San Juan Island: San Juan Outfitters.  The exclusive location at Roche Harbor, on the west side of San Juan Island allows San Juan Outfitters the best access to the waters where our local resident Killer Whale population travel and feed. They have Free parking and shuttle services,  access to the best views of the Island, they are committed to sustainable tourism and have flexible Tour options for all ages and abilities.



Getting to the San Juan Islands

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Most people know about the ferry system in the state of Washington. They know that there are regular ferries to and from locations in the Puget Sound to the mainland. When you think about the San Juan Islands, a quick Google search will alert you to the fact that the San Juan Islands are also accessed by the Washington Department of Transport Ferry system. Hand in hand with that are the wait times, the confusing timetables, the traffic, and the general mayhem!

Many people also believe that unless you have boat, there is no other way to get the the San Juan Islands. Well…that’s not entirely true!

Kenmore Air, you may be surprised to know, has been servicing the San Juan Islands for more the 20 years. Currently, Kenmore Air, offer daily flights to Friday Harbor, Roche harbor, Orcas Island and Lopez Island in San Juan Islands, from various locations in Seattle.

You may ask: “Isn’t it expensive to charter our own plane?”. Kenmore Air does offer year round charter services, but these are daily scheduled flights at fixed rates. With a flight taking less then an hour from Seattle to Friday Harbor, no ferry fees, no wait time and no traffic, the answer is no, its not expensive at all! On top of that the Kenmore’s website offers exclusive Fly and Stay packages with local hotels. The savings just keep adding up!

Take a look at our new Kenmore’s Air page, which has all the info for daily flights to and from the San Juan Islands.


INNsanely Busy at Island Inn, Friday Harbor

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With spring here and summer on its way the Island Inn is ramping up their tourist season. Not only do they have a beautiful new website to showcase their location, and unique Inn, but they are beginning construction on new guestrooms.

Construction began again in mid March 2012. Scott Hale, Island Inn’s Chief Experience Officer says the new guestrooms “will be the frosting for the Inn’s accommodation mix, now comprised of slick eurostyle guestrooms and gotta see ‘em to believe ‘em penthouses”

The team hope to finish construction by May 15 bringing the total accommodations to sixteen. These new additions coupled with a new website, a 96% TripAdvisor experience rating AND a nomination for Best Luxury Hotel in the Northwest, are making 2012 quite a year for the Island Inn. Just more proof as to why these guys are in the Best Inn category for Best of San Juan Island.


Killer Whale Winter Habits


So we’ve been hearing quite a lot about whales this winter around the coastline of Washington. Most recently we have heard a lot about a young  killer whale that washed up just north of Long Beach, Washington on the morning of February 11. This whale was identified as Sooke and was a member of the southern resident community of endangered killer whales.

According to the Whale Museums website: ” Sooke was a spunky whale, full of energy. She belonged to a family group of ten whales. Often she would be seen playing with her sibling, Pooka (L-106) and other young whales in the community. She also swam by her mother’s side (Surprise! L-86).”

As many are aware, this is a huge blow for the already endangered southern resident community. Taking a young female whale out of the equation obviously means one less whale to reproduce. However, it seems a lot can be learned from the investigation and research of Sooke’s body. The Cascadia Research page states that they are taking samples of  a variety of analyses including genetics, contaminants, bacteriology, virology, food habits, biotoxins and histopathology.

Many are aware of the presence of these beautiful creatures during the summer months, but there is still a lot of opportunity for research during the winter months. Unfortunately this is a difficult task. The winter months make it hard to track the animals, and up until recently the whales were not tagged. This was due to the belief that potential risk of infection at the site of the tag, outweighed the potential useful data that could be gathered. Brain Goodremont of  San Juan Island Outfitters notes that it’s interesting that “little is known about the winter range of this newly listed Endangered Species.  For example members of J & K pod are just as likely to be spotted in and around the Seattle area as they are in the San Juan Islands and the Columbia River”

Although this particular case with Sooke was a tragedy for the  southern resident community, scientists are using it to learn all they can about the animals and particularly their behavior during winter months when they don’t seem, to the public, to be as visible.

San Juan Island Outfitters offer kayak tours of the island during Spring and Summer months on San Juan Island. San Juan Safaris are the islands premiere Whale Watching company. Visiting either of these sites offers interesting articles and news about the whales in this area and surrounding areas as well as the multiple other species found in and around the San Juan Islands. New information and data is always being discovered and both these companies take delight in educating the public on their tours and getting that information out via their websites. Awareness of the killer whales habits can help to protect them in the future.

For more information on the progress of investigations into the killer whale washed up on a beach in Long Beach WA click here:

Local San Juan Island Skater Talent

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The San Juan Islands are famous for sailing, fishing, crabbing, beautiful scenery, whales, great food and drink, fantastic restaurants, hotels and resorts…did we forget anything? Oh yes, epic skateboarders and talented skateboarding movie makers! Take a look at this trailer shot by Kyle Steneide, of Friday Harbor, and his crew.

Kyle Steneide, from Friday Harbor on the San Juan Islands is a skateboarder and film maker. His new movie “About Time” will be debuting in Seattle at the Historic University Theatre 5510 university way Seattle WA. There will be a 7pm and 9pm showing and tickets will be available to pre-book very soon.

Of course skatboarding is not a new thing in the San Juan Islands, with a skatepark located at the San Juan County Fairgrounds. The park has recently enjoyed the addition of a new quater pipe. The quarter pipe is twenty feet long, three and a half feet tall and located in the corner of the new skate park area closest to the parking lot and the family park. According to the IslandRec website this was made possible with thanks to local parents, The San Juan County Fair, The Gates Foundation and the Family Resource Center.

The skatepark on San Juan Island is open everyday from 8.00am to dusk everyday, and is a great way for kids, teenagers and even adults to get out and get active.