Why buy in the San Juans

San Juan Vacation Rentals gives us a few reasons why we should invest in the most beautiful San Juan Islands.

Vacation Home in the San Juans – why not?

Thinking of investing in a Second home or vacation home?  The San Juan Islands, located in Washington State, offer some of the most majestic sights from ocean views to whales, and a multitude of activities from kayaking, biking, hiking and more.  The Island’s close proximity to Seattle and the Eastside make it easy to travel to the islands either by car and ferry, plane, or boat.

Buyers, we have affordable waterfront -income producing properties-currently on the market.  There are great deals out there!  Limited land on the islands coupled with destination location status will continue to always make this an attractive place for buyers.  Our close proximity to Seattle (Microsoft and Boeing) make the San Juan’s an ideal vacation home getaway.  Our real estate values are solid and still affordable compared to other waterfront areas in the US.

My comments to sellers in this market: consider the 4 P’s of marketing- Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.  Make sure your home shines when potential buyers come through. Qtip clean, clutter free, and if you need help staging ask a professional!  You have all the control over making your home put its best foot forward.  Make sure you price accordingly.  You’ll get overlooked by overpricing a home in our current market.  You don’t have much control over location…it is where it is.  Knowing your audience helps with promotion.  The internet is a cost effective way to advertise and hit a large number of interested consumers – locally and internationally.

If you’re looking for a place that offers a little rest and relaxation and you’ve never visited the San Juan Islands you should consider doing so!