11th Annual Roche Harbor Salmon Classic

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P1100227Roche Harbor 11th Annual Salmon Classic

Who says it is dead in the middle of winter out here in the San Juans. Next week is the 11th Annual Roche Harbor Salmon Classic. Limited to 100 boats, this tournament sold out in early JanuaryP1100226. There is a $700 entry fee per boat and each boat can have up to 4 anglers. Last years winner of the 1st place fish weighed 22.3 lbs. This year if the 1st place fish weighs more than 30 lbs there is a $30,000 bonus cash prize. The weigh in fish are limited to hatchery fish who have a tendency to be smaller than the wild stock. We will keep you posted on how this tournament goes. You can see the preparations getting the parking lot in front of the Roche Harbor Store ready for all of the tents that will house the event activities and dinner.