Getting to the San Juan Islands

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Most people know about the ferry system in the state of Washington. They know that there are regular ferries to and from locations in the Puget Sound to the mainland. When you think about the San Juan Islands, a quick Google search will alert you to the fact that the San Juan Islands are also accessed by the Washington Department of Transport Ferry system. Hand in hand with that are the wait times, the confusing timetables, the traffic, and the general mayhem!

Many people also believe that unless you have boat, there is no other way to get the the San Juan Islands. Well…that’s not entirely true!

Kenmore Air, you may be surprised to know, has been servicing the San Juan Islands for more the 20 years. Currently, Kenmore Air, offer daily flights to Friday Harbor, Roche harbor, Orcas Island and Lopez Island in San Juan Islands, from various locations in Seattle.

You may ask: “Isn’t it expensive to charter our own plane?”. Kenmore Air does offer year round charter services, but these are daily scheduled flights at fixed rates. With a flight taking less then an hour from Seattle to Friday Harbor, no ferry fees, no wait time and no traffic, the answer is no, its not expensive at all! On top of that the Kenmore’s website offers exclusive Fly and Stay packages with local hotels. The savings just keep adding up!

Take a look at our new Kenmore’s Air page, which has all the info for daily flights to and from the San Juan Islands.