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lakedale 7Glamping“In the next five years, we’re going to see glamping take off.”

These are the somewhat ominous words Lakedale Resort general manager Karl Bruno told me when I visited this past weekend to part take in what he and his team call The Gourmet Glamping Experience. Let’s catch those who have no idea what I’m talking about up right now – “glamping” is a term referring to glamorous camping, a trend sweeping the nation since a couple years ago.

If you haven’t heard of Lakedale (and to be honest, as a city girl – I hadn’t) it’s like a summer camp for adults. And kids. So basically a summer camp for everyone. Located just outside Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Lakedale has 82 acres of accommodations: a lodge, log cabins, canvas cabins, campsites, and even an Airstream trailer.

Depending on your level of comfortability with the outdoors, you and your family can stay in any of these. Glamping specifically points towards the canvas cabins, which are just that: outdoor cabins with canvas walls, but pillow-top beds, couches, and linens.

“This is for folks who like the outdoors, but don’t really want to rough it,” said Bruno.

I’ll say! I stayed the night in one of the canvas cabins, and while there was no doubt I was outdoors (the noise of the creek, nearby animals, and wind don’t let you forget), I wasn’t in an uncomfortable sleeping bag or getting chewed up by mosquitos like I’m used to with regular camping.

While the accommodations were fantastic, a personal favorite of this “Gourmet Glamping Experience” for me was the accompanying dinner. Lakedale does this a couple times a year; and this year the magic number is three. They invite gourmet Pacific Northwest chefs out to the island to cook up a meal for all of the canvas tent-dwelling glampers to enjoy…together! During my stay I was lucky enough to have the chef behind Frolik! at Motif Seattle, Adam Stevenson and representatives from Kiona Vineyards.

Chef Stevenson – right in front of us in a fire pit – cooked some of the most delicious pulled pork tacos with lime cilantro cabbage slaw that I had ever tasted. Paired thoughtfully with Kiona’s white, red and sparkling varieties – fellow glampers enjoyed artisan cured meats, cheese, watermelon and tomato salad and grilled peaches with coconut pudding.

In the outdoors. I know that might have slipped your mind in the last paragraph – they was all made, eaten, and enjoyed outdoors. We pulled up picnic benches, broke bread with our canvas tent neighbors, and made some news friends.

A thoroughly enjoyable night – and one we highly recommend to anyone wanting to enjoy the outdoors this summer. The final two series dinners are August 22, where Chefs Adam and Jackle Sappington of The County Cat Dinner House in Portland will serve folks, and September 19 when Chef Kyle Nicholson of Duck Soup Inns comes through.

*Any Lakedale guest can participate in the dinner for an additional $65. Reservations for canvas cabins begin at $179 a night.