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• Holistic mind/body approach

•Weight Management

•Fatigue and Energy Issues

•Gastrointestinal Issues

•Hormonal Imbalance

•Compulsive Eating

• Results – Look and feel great


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Weight loss and health

Lose Weight – Feel Great!

Excess weight is the way a body expresses being “out of balance”.

Shelly has developed a solid program, which she tailors to each client’s unique nutritional and emotional needs. Her program will assist you to put your body back in balance. And a body in balance is automatically at its natural and perfect weight.

How the Weight Loss Program Works

Shelly is very focused on creating long-standing and sustainable results. She develops healthy lifestyle plans for her clients. Her programs are easy to follow and understand.

You will maintain your weight and health goals through the mind/body connection. This works long term rather than just restricting or crash dieting to drop a quick 20 pounds.

She carries products and has processes that accelerate your progress. You will become informed about nutrition and all aspects of wellness. Shelly offers valuable support for you in redesigning how your body utilizes food for fuel.

You will come away from this program with a body that is full of energy and vitality. You will have the ability to burn fat readily and heartily. You will feel stronger, sexier, more confident and focused – ready to fully engage in all areas of your life.

Why employ Shelly?

This work is very personal for Shelly. She has successfully healed her own painful relationship with food; Shelly is passionate about guiding others in this fashion.

Along the way, she experienced many diet programs that did not live up to their hype. These programs compromised her health in the process. She has a deep understanding of the connection between nutrition, eating psychology and personal empowerment, which is the path that true and permanent weight loss takes place.Shelly’s desire to share what she learned is what drove her desire to become a Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Health Coach.

Her approach is unique, effective and sustainable. Shelly understands how food works in the body. This includes all of the factors that contribute to our relationship with food. She knows how to best support optimal health and can teach you how to do this too.

What to expect

Shelly will meet with you for a private, complimentary consultation. From there, she will design a weight loss plan tailored to your specific needs. She offers one-on-one coaching and group programs.

Having worked with hundreds of clients helping them to lose weight and restore their bodies to vibrant health, Shelly is an expert coach.

She loves people. Shelly is devoted to helping her clients achieve their weight loss goals. She says nothing is more satisfying than to see people regain their health, energy and become vibrant individuals.

 What we like

• Holistic mind/body approach

• Results


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