Kayaking – San Juan Island Style

Whales, seals, sea lions, porpoise, marine birds and eagles! Regarding the thousands of visitors who descend on San Juan Island each year, all will affirm its unparalleled excellence in showcasing a unique blend of some of the most breathtaking animal spectacles the region has to offer.

While the presence of killer whales, amongst a myriad of other marine life, comprises one of the primary features of San Juan’s alluring charm, the means visitors can avail of observing these remarkable creatures has always been to the forefront of Island life.

San Juan Outfitters are one organization committed to offering its customers a variety of conveniences to observe the regions marine wildlife as well as striving to cater to all interests and age groups. Trips, they claim, are limited only by the imagination.

Built on twelve years experience the low guide-to-client ratio operating on each tour, coupled with the provision of professional crew and naturalists, visitors are ensured a complete and informative viewing excursion.

However as well as facilitating the relaxing discovery of the regions wildlife from the deck of their sightseeing vessel, San Juan Outfitters unique Kayak guide and rental service affords the more adventurous explorer a singular opportunity to ‘observe without interference’ the local attractions, providing a greener more environmentally friendly experience. Part of a sightseeing network, up to date technology is used to relay information to Kayak guides fulfilling as much as possible the expectation of the explorer therefore ensuring nothing is missed while indulging carefree in the regions ambiance.

Promoting a number of offers from fixed to custom Kayak tours with attractive prices there is no shortage of flexibility regarding the tour you want with San Juan Outfitters.

Words by Micheal H. Gormely