Kayaking-It’s That Time


Kayak GroupSan Juan Outfitters owns the exclusive kayak launching rights at Roche Harbor. This location has access to prime killer whale waters. Kayak tours generally see a variety of unusual sea birds, harbor seals, bald eagles and tide pool critters.
Their kayak tours have a low guide-to-client ratio. This means that you will have the highest quality kayak tour and safest kayak experience.
•No kayak experience? They love to introduce people to kayaking. Our favorite is the Sunset Kayak Tour
•Camping and Kayaking – 2 day, 3 day or 5 day kayak tours
•Kayaking with orca whales – 5 hour
•Flexible kayak tour options for all ages and all abilities
•Free parking and/or free shuttle service
Both kayaking locations, Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor, offer kayak finger docks for launching. This makes it so easy to enter a kayak and get out of a kayak. No getting wet. No dragging a kayak around. All your equipment is supplied too.
Kayak tours are available mid-April through October.
Kayak tours fill right up. Select and reserve your kayak tour now – click here

Kayak Friday Harbor, San Juan Island

San Juan Island’s Premier Kayaking Tour Company
Specializing in high quality sea kayak tours. San Juan Outfitters is known for its low guide to guest ratio kayak tours. That includes the whale tours by kayak, day kayak tours and overnight kayak -camping tours.

San Juan Outfitters owns the exclusive kayak facilities at Roche Harbor, San Juan Island and
kayak facilities in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. This means that you will depart from custom designed kayak finger docks that make entering and exiting your boat easy. No more dragging your kayak down a beach or getting wet. We make it easy, safe and accessible for everyone.

Kayak Day Tour

Kayak tours that are 3-hours can expect to see a wide range of marine life including harbor seals, harbor and dalls porpoise, and beautiful marine invertebrates.

Sometimes a whale or dolphins appear. When the tide is right you can feast your eyes on the colors and shapes of the tide pool critters. Family kayak tours are offered also. The 3-hour trip is a condensed route. Our guides have extensive experience with kids.

These tours depart from the best locations in the San Juan Islands. The specially designed finger kayak docks make it a snap to enter and exit your kayak. San Juan Outfitters is known for their engaging and professional kayak guides.

kayak guide off san juan island

San Juan Island Kayak with Whales

Kayak with the opportunity to see whales! This tour takes off in the whale rich waters off the west side of San Juan Island. The whale watch by kayak is a 5-hour tour. Along with all the uncommonl sea birds, seals and birds flying overhead, you have a good chance of watching an orca whale. This is a safe situation as our guides are knowledgeable and trained to maneuver safely around whales and marine mammals in the San Juan Islands.. Also offered is the 5-hour “Whale Sanctuary Tour” departing from the south west side of San Juan Island at the County Park.

kayaking with killer whales san juan island

San Juan Island Kayak Camping Trips

The ultimate sea kayak vacation! Join us for an overnight 2-day kayak trip, 3- day kayak trip, or customized private kayaking-camping trip 2 to 5 days. Exciting vacation kayak camping trips are great for singles, couples or families with kids. Overnight kayaking camping tours can be a great way to experience Mother Nature and enjoy being outside under the stars.

kayaks on san juan island pebble beach

San Juan Island Family Kayak Tours

Get the kids up and moving and off the devices with family kayaking trips.. Enjoy a real bonding experience that the family will never forget. San Juan Outfitters has a variety of family packages including:
• 2-day family kayaking trips for those who just would like to give it a try
• 3-day family kayaking trips for delving into the kayaking and camping experience.
For longer family kayaking trips or large families, let San Juan Outfitters design aprivate custom family kayak tour just for you! Phone or email us to learn more about our custom packages, designed around desired length, age, and ability level.

kayaking kid smiling with family on tour

San Juan Island Whale Watch Tours by Boat

Whale sightings on over 90% of our tours! See orca whales in the wild. Sit comfortably on a 45 foot- long whale watch boat with a walk-around deck, inside cabin and bathroom. Other whales around San Juan Island are Humpback Whales and Minke Whales. We also can see Dalls Porpoise and Harbor Porpoise. Whale Watching tours also see Bald Eagles, Harbor Seals and many exceptional sea birds.
We also offer private whale watch tours and private boat charters. Water taxi service is provided between the San Juan Islands and also Canada.