Kayaking San Juan Island – Top 10 Adventure Destination

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Anyone who has visited the San Juan Islands knows why these beautiful islands pop up again and again in “top 10” lists and “places to visit before you die” lists. But the part about this that always fascinates me is the versatility of the San Juan Islands! They show up on all different types of lists. Boating lists, fishing lists, best places to get married lists, food and drink lists, and most recently: “10 greatest U.S. adventure vacations”

Among the contenders for the list are: Llama Trekking the Hoover Wilderness Area, Climbing Denali, and Adventure Sailing Florida’s Gulf Coast. The San Juan Islands mention? Kayaking the San Juan Islands.

That being said we couldn’t help but point you in the direction of, who we consider, the best kayaking guides in the San Juan Island: San Juan Outfitters.  The exclusive location at Roche Harbor, on the west side of San Juan Island allows San Juan Outfitters the best access to the waters where our local resident Killer Whale population travel and feed. They have Free parking and shuttle services,  access to the best views of the Island, they are committed to sustainable tourism and have flexible Tour options for all ages and abilities.