Lose Weight and Feel Great!


San Juan Islanders and Friends of San Juan Islanders: Lose Weight!

Shelly, here on San Juan Island, has been BUSY! This is good news for me and you.

Are you Hungry to lose weight?

On Wed, September 17th at 6pm @ the ​San Juan Island ​Library,​ Shelly will be presenting a video called Hungry for Change.

This video goes into detail about dieting.  First viewing dieting from the perspective of the typical, traditional model. Then viewing dieting from the new, mind/body approach to natural body weight and healthy body image.

Free weekly support group on San Juan Island for weight loss

It is a fantastic program and Shelly is eager to share it with you. I will also be launching her brand new, FREE Weekly Support Group for Emotional  Eaters. This is based on the work of Jon Gabriel and Geneen Roth.  Both men are major powerhouses in this field. If you are interested in being part of the  group, please sign up.  The group is limited to 20.  If you are truly ready to change your life in a positive way, make sure to be a part of this program.

Save this date:  Wednesday, Sept 24th at 6pm @ the library, ​Shelly will be showing the newly-released FED UP. This is a provocative expose of the food industry.  Katie Couric narrates this documentary, which is both controversial and courageous.  Knowledge is power.  Join Shelly in finding out  about the movie that everyone in the health world is buzzing about.

Those of you who are alumni of Shelly’s Healthy Lifestyle Classes, as well as so many of you who have been eagerly waiting for a cooking class ~​Shelly’s friend and colleague, Laura Boulton,  has developed a hands-on Healthy Cooking Program.  Laura did most of the cooking for the Healthy Lifestyle class. She is a super-creative and talented chef. Laura went through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition Program with Shelly. She is now officially a certified Health Coach!  Laura  will be joining the group on Sept 24th to talk about her cooking and coaching programs as well.

Looking to next year

Lastly, Shelly is designing an intensive program that will launch in September, 2015  called Get Your Mojo Back! (couldn’t we all use this?!)
This series is the most powerful, transformational program that Shelly has done yet.
This is a super-charged progressive workshop series.

​ for more information: ​shelly@vanskyhawkcoaching.com
Or visit the website for more details at Island Vitality

lose weight and feel great