OLD – Best of San Juan QR Codes

What are those stange square images that you are seeing around town? They are Sanjuanislan.com’s way of helping you find the best things to eat, drink, do and see on the San Juan Islands, Washington. How do they work? Easy….

The idea is that you scan the image with your smartphone’s camera. The camera scans the image and decodes the information. The 3 “big boxes” in the corners simply tell the camera which way the code is orientated, so QR codes can be snapped in any direction but generally are printed with the 2 big boxes in the top and one on the left. In our case it points the phone browser to www.sanjuanisland.com or to a specific page on www.sanjuanisland.com. QR code readers are available on your app store. See below for suggested downloads for each smartphone.


How will Sanjuanisland.com use these codes?

These QR codes will be displayed in key locations around the towns of the San Juan Islands. They will either give more information, such as reviews and pricing on a service, or will be used for special offers only available if you scan the code and reveal the special offer keyword.