Sailing the San Juan Islands

Sailing the San Juan Islands – Romance and Tradition

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Day Cruises Sailing the San Juan Islands options are: 3 hour, 6 hour, overnight, or multiple night sailings. Day and evening sails available.

Half and Full Day Sails—  3 – hour tour and 6 – hour tour sailings depart round trip from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island.

Evening Sails Sail the sunset.  This is a relaxing way to end  a busy day.  Bring your beverage of choice and a snack and join us.

Private Charters Weddings, wedding parties, bachelor parties, family get-togethers, romantic get-a-ways, birthdays and corporate retreats. Intimate and extraordinary.

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Sailing the San Juan Islands on an Historic Sail Boat

Sailing the San Juan Islands with Schooners North aboard the historic wooden ship ‘Spike Africa’ brings you to the heart of the Islands. The on board naturalist introduces you to the unique environment and wildlife. The salty crew can bring to life the incredible historical past of the San Juan Islands and the Northwest coast.

The sailing vessel Spike Africa has been completely and meticulously restored. A cruise among the islands on the Schooner ‘Spike Africa’ brings the excitement of traditional sailing aboard a vessel, faithful in every way, to the ships that would have been seen plying the waters of the local sounds and straits.  This type of sailing vessel was tasked with hauling the people and the goods of the Sound. They did this for over 100 years.

Sit back and relax. Or if “hand over fist” is more your style, you can assist the crew in sailing ship.

What We Like About It

  • An 80 foot long, historic schooner
  • Coast Guard inspected boat
  • 3 and 6 hour sailing the San Juan Island tours
  • Sunset sailing tours
  • Multi-day sailing tours

Sail to the Hidden Gems of the San Juans

The San Juan Islands have several marine state parks that are accessible only by boat.
The sailing boat Spike Africa will be sailing to these hidden gems during their summer sailing schedule. This is an amazing opportunity to explore some of the San Juan Islands best kept secrets.

Special Sailing Events – Yours!

Schooners North is also available for weddings, bachelor parties, family adventures and company gatherings. Whatever your special occasion is – this historic sailing boat is guarantee to make it memorable.

Don’t miss sailing through the paradise called the San Juans on the historic Spike Africa.

sailing boat bow in friday harbor san juan islanddeck hands on the sailing boat Spike Africa friday harbor san juan island