Shikimate Pathways-Sound Familiar? Didn’t Think So


Shikimate Pathways– You have probably never heard of these shikimate pathways, They are not a pathway you walk down, they are metabolic pathways and this is what glyphosate (The active ingredient in RoundUP) interferes  with, to kill the plants it is sprayed on. GMO plants are modified to resist this treatment. Being that human’s do not have Shikimate Pathways in their cells, then therefore RoundUP is safe. Right? Wrong, it turns out that all the bacteria that we have in our bodies, which out number our cells 10-1, all have Shikimate Pathways. Without this bacteria we don’t live. photoIn a previous post there was a link to an interview with Dr Stephanie Seneff that is so important we are posting it again. Especially if you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, because this stuff really takes a toll on children. Click here to go to this interview.