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The Island Inn at 123 West has been nominated once again INN Evening Magazine’s annual BEST Northwest Escapes contest for BEST Luxury Hotel and we would sure love to win…again! You can help us in three easy steps:

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The Island Inn at 123 West
123 West Street
Friday Harbor, WA 98250

By ferry

By ferryYou’ll see us as soon as the captain lets you know your next stop is Friday Harbor. As you disembark the ferry by vehicle, foot or bicycle, follow the flow of traffic to the right. Stay to the right through the roundabout (most everyone else will go left) and look for the large water tank with the 1-2-3 sign painted on. We’ll be on Front Street next to the entry to our by-reservation parking garage excited to meet you.

By float plane

By float planeYou’ll totally see us from the sky! Stroll up the docks toward land after splashing inn. When you make it to the Port of Friday Harbor offices, follow the sidewalk to the left. You’ll see our Inn and large water tank with a 1-2-3 painted on to your right. We’ll meet you on Front Street next to the entry to our by-reservation parking garage.

By wheels plane

By wheels planeWestwind Aviation, Kenmore Air and Northwest Sky Ferry all land at the same strip. Though you can walk down to the inn from the airport, the trek is several blocks so we recommend you line up some sort of help. We’re happy to arrange a ride for you or scoop you up ourselves – just ask.

Getting around without bringing your car

Getting around without bringing your car

  • M and W Auto

    Wendy and her team are happy to outfit you with the right vehicle for your San Juan Island getaway.

  • San Juan Transit

    Dan and his buses are a really inexpensive and green way to see the island. Just be sure to check the schedule both to and from your destination.

  • Susie’s Mopeds

    Susie and her crew will set you up inn style with a scoot car or moped – both are way too much fun.

  • The Scenic Byway

    See Washington’s newest scenic byway … without your car! Get the San Juan Islands scenic byway summer explorer pass