Weddings are INN Season

San Juan Inn penthouse showing waterview of friday harbor

View from the Penthouse

Weddings are INN Season: It seems like we’re hosting a wedding a week this time of the year.  Weddings?  At our place?  Yes!  A wedding is what you’d like it to be and happy couples choose us because we’ve got crowd pleasing accommodations and a cool space to connect.  Just because you’re hosting a destination wedding doesn’t mean you need to invite everyone you’ve ever met.  Sometimes, special days are more special when you keep the guest list to just those special people INN your life.

While we’re a great spot for both your ceremony and reception, you’ll want to stay a few days so you can get out and enjoy the San Juan Island sunshine.  Whale watching, cycling, zip-lining and kayaking are all great group activities and if you plan ahead for next year now, you’ll be able to kick back and relax instead of worrying about finding the perfect spot to tie the knot.