Whale Watching While Riding A Sea Lion?


How better to enjoy the alluring charm of San Juan Islands majestic marine residents than with the help of professional services dedicated to providing an opportunity, not only to see these creatures in all their awe-inspiring glory, but while so doing preserving the peace and tranquillity of the region? World renowned for its breathtaking scenery and biological attractions San Juan Islands guided whale watching tours are devoted to pursuing a positive balance between customer satisfaction and environmental conservation.

Located a mere stone’s throw from Friday Harbors picturesque ferry landing and boasting a 90% Orca viewing rate, San Juan Safaris is committed to providing the maximum viewing experience while steadfastly adhering to ‘Whale watching guidelines’ and respectful viewing ethics.

With their 55 foot whale watching vessel the Sea Lion (you didn’t think you’d be riding a real Sea Lion did you?), described by its owner Bill Wright, as ‘a gleaming marvel of fuel efficiency’ and boasting a customized resistance reducing hull and single quiet engine, San Juan Safaris viewing activities are designed to be as physically and sonically unobtrusive as possible. Whether enjoying the walk around deck or settled comfortably within the generously windowed and heated cabin, patrons are ensured a wholesome, fulfilled viewing experience with San Juan Safaris, whatever the weather. Visitors can also make productive use of the ample guidebooks and viewing material on board, including dozens of pairs of binoculars, all the while benefiting from the guidance of experienced naturalists who are only too happy to interact and share their knowledge with keen observers. Fancy hearing a little whale conversation? The ‘Sea Lion’ will oblige with its submersible hydrophone providing a unique enchanting insight into the behaviour of the local wildlife.

With over thirty years experience viewing, studying, preserving and more importantly embracing the intriguing world of marine wildlife San Juan Safaris never hesitates to reflect the personal ideology of its owners, promoting their business as not only a passion but a responsibility towards the environment.

If whale watching with a view to limited interference with local wildlife while getting as much from your viewing experience as possible is your ambition, then San Juan Safaris is your first stop shop to fulfilling your every expectation.

As a recent update on the sanjuansafaris.com/ site, Bill and Colleen took a special interest in some recent developments to a local pod of orcas. December 17, 2011 a new baby orca was identified. The whale was designated as J-28 and presumed to be the baby of 16 year old J-28 whose name is Polaris. J, K and L pods are all part of the Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW) In November of 2011 a new baby orca was born to the L pod. The total number of animals in the SRKW population is now 87. You can get daily updates from twitter @sanjuansafaris and facebook SanJuanSafaris–Orca Whale Watching. In the summer the blog gives daily updates as to what was seen that day on the tours http://sanjuansafaris.com/blog/

Words By Micheal H Gormley